After more than a decade long break, Estonia has regained the right to organise an international World Athletics Bronze level athletics stadium event in the adult class.

On 2 July 2023, the World Athletics Continental Tour will, for the first time, host an international athletics competition at Pärnu Beach Stadium.

The WA Continental Tour is a global series of competitions recognised by the International Association of Athletics Federations and includes many of the world’s top 100 athletes from countries around the world, as well as the best athletes from Estonia and our neighbouring countries.

The Bronze label level of organisation puts the competition taking place in Estonia among the top 50 athletics competitions in Europe and participating in it awards more ranking points for athletes to qualify for international title competitions (Olympics, World Championships, European Championships). Among Estonia’s neighbouring countries, athletics competitions of the same level are also held in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

The World Athletics global competition system of the International Association of Athletics Federations changed in 2019. In addition to achieving the entry standard, having a high World Athletics Ranking guarantees access to the Olympics and world championships. The WA competition system divides competitions into different levels, which must meet specific criteria. Based on the updated competition system, it is vitally important for Estonian athletics that the competitions in the Estonian athletics calendar are part of the WA competition system with the highest possible level of organisation. The higher the level of the competition in the global qualification of World Athletics, the more ranking points can be earned by Estonian athletes in their home competitions. This is a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability of Estonian athletics in the international sports community and the basis for the representation of Estonian athletes at the world championships and the Olympic Games.

Pärnu Beach Stadium has created excellent conditions for organising high level athletics competitions in the Estonian summer capital. Since 2016, Pärnu has hosted the international Athletics Night, where a number of top-class results and stadium records have been set by both Estonian and renowned foreign competitors. In cooperation with the City of Pärnu, we will continue the tradition on 2 July 2023. The International Pärnu Beach Stadium Athletics Night will be attended by Estonian national team athletes, high-level athletes from abroad, local athletes, and local junior athletes. With the help of our supporters, we hope to maintain the high sporting level of the competition also this year.

As the organiser, we want to offer local people and media representatives an exciting and well-organised event. We look forward to hosting numerous spectators from Pärnu County and beyond.